Building Your Accountancy Talent Pipeline This Year

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Today, approximately 22% of companies within the financial sector are understaffed, and 74% say they’re feeling the strain caused by a lack of skilled workers. Increasingly, companies are struggling to get their hands on the skilled professionals they need to grow their business.  

As opportunities for talented accountants continue to grow, with the advent of remote and flexible working, there’s an even greater risk you could end up with a gap in your team this year. Fortunately, building a talent pipeline could be the solution.  

Working with a professional financial and accounting recruitment professional can ensure you have the talent you need when you need it most.  


What is a Talent Pipeline? 



Talent pipelines support companies in finding the essential accounting skills they need as quickly as possible. With a carefully curated pool of qualified accountants waiting to fill the gaps in your team, you can minimise downtime and disruption when gaps open up. 

A talent pipeline allows companies to hire better candidates by filtering through professionals in advance in combination with their recruiting partner. Plus, you get to access the talent you need much faster than you would if you were starting the search from scratch.  

So how do you build your talent pipeline in 2022? 


Consider Current and Future Requirements 

To begin, you’ll need good insight into the employees you already have in your accountancy team and the skills they can offer. Which professionals will you need to replace immediately if anything should cause them to leave? You’ll need people in your pipeline with similar skills to help fill the gap.  

It’s also important to consider your future needs. As accounting practices continue to change and technology evolves, you may need to access professionals with new skills going forward. For instance, maybe you’ll need an accounting professional capable of working with AI and automation tools? Make a list of crucial talent for your pipeline, including: 

  • Skills you have now and can’t afford to lose 
  • People to fill the gaps in your current talent pipeline 
  • Professionals to help you reach your goals in the future 

A good talent pipeline should be brimming with a diverse selection of candidates with various skills from a host of backgrounds. Make sure the recruitment professionals you work with understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion in recruitment.  


Make Sure you Can Attract the Best Candidates 



Once you know what kind of professionals you’re going to need in your talent pipeline, the next step is making sure you’re able to attract these experts. As mentioned above, financial professionals have many options in today’s landscape. It takes something special to convince the right accountants to work with you. 

Start by making sure you have a professional recruitment expert on-hand to help you source talent for your pipeline. An accounting and financial recruitment agency will have access to pools of qualified candidates you may not be able to access on your own. Work with your recruitment professional to determine which steps you’ll need to take to make your brand more attractive too.  

For instance, you may need to consider working on your employer brand to attract a wider range of professionals. Think about how much time and effort you put into making your business stand out online and in professional forums today. What kind of Employer Value Proposition do you have, and are your benefits aligned with what talented professionals want? 

You may even need to consider working with your recruitment provider to make your job listings and descriptions more appealing. 


Nurture Your Talent Pipeline 

Once you’ve built your talent pipeline with the help of your specialist recruitment team, the next step is making sure you keep them around.  

This means taking the time to connect with your would-be employees regularly, answer any questions they might have, and keep them up to date on your business.  

It’s also worth making sure you’re investing in retaining your existing talent by developing and training your team. Implementing a strategy for ongoing training and development will show both future and existing candidates you’re invested in their success 

What’s more, developing your existing talent and keeping them engaged with your business improves the chances they’ll want to share their positive experiences with your brand online. This means you can leverage existing employees as advocates to attract new people to your pipeline.  

Your recruitment agency will be able to offer advice on how you can make your employer brand stand out with employee advocacy.  


What’s Next? 

Working with a recruitment agency with experience in accounting and the financial landscape is the best way to build an effective talent pipeline. With years of experience in the field, Rebus Recruitment can help you to pinpoint the ideal talent for your pipeline. We’ll work with you to find the ideal selection of skilled professionals.  

Find out how we can help you build your talent pipeline by contacting us today via email or on 01282 930 930.  



Rachel Mitson 


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