How to Create Job Adverts that Attract the Right Finance Candidates

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A carefully crafted job advert should work to do two things – firstly, to advertise your vacancy, and secondly, to enhance your employer brand and attract the ‘right’ candidates while turning away others who aren’t right for you. 

In the current finance and accounting candidate market, there is a lot of movement. The consequence of this means that finding quality candidates is more challenging; which adds to the length and the potential cost of your recruiting process. 

The desired outcome for you as an employer is to be hire quality candidates who will add value to your business while also being a good fit culturally. 

However, in an increasingly crowded job market, finding these candidates is becoming a more demanding task. 

That’s why today, I share with you some expert recruiting tips on how to craft job adverts which work harder for you, making finding the ‘right’ candidate an easier process.  


1. Identifying Your Candidate Avatar  



Your candidate ‘avatar’ is the ideal candidate you are hoping to attract. This might sound like an easy task, but many organisations fail to get specific on what exactly it is they are looking for. 

Top finance skills are a given, but what else will the candidate need to fit in and make a success in their role. 

The skills that you need in your finance team have changed since Covid. Is your business now looking to recruit candidates with excellent digital skills to help carry the business forwards, whereas, in the past, you might have been looking for someone with management potential? 

The priorities of many organisations have changed this year, and what every finance team will require in their ideal candidate will be different for each company. Ensure all HR and management who are involved in the recruiting process are clear on what exactly it is you are looking for right now. 


2. Revisit Your Job Specifications 



The job specification is where potential candidates will be looking to see if they’ve got what it takes to apply.  

The key in this stage is to be clear and specific about what it is you want.  

We often see job advert detailing what is, in reality, a few different roles! When you try to broaden the scope for each individual position, such as looking for a finance professional with expertise in other skills outside of their remit, you open the door to receiving a higher number of speculative applicants. Keep the job specification as concise as possible and truthful to what their post-pandemic role will involve. 


3. Communicate Your Culture and Values  

Your values and culture are going to be an essential part of attracting the most valuable candidates in our post-Covid world. 

There has been a lot of movement in the job market since the pandemic. Some candidates are looking for a new role out of necessity, but many others have used the pandemic to assess their employer requirements.  

Top finance candidates are looking for employers who can provide them with meaningful work. Since the pandemic, this has been a condition which is moving to the top of candidate’s wish lists.  

What is the culture like in your organisation, and how have you as an organisation ensured your culture has remained strong and supportive throughout the pandemic? 



Do you offer remote working or flexible working opportunities? Are you still providing excellent learning and development opportunities even despite Covid challenges? What does your company offer in terms of wellbeing programmes and benefits? 

Increasingly, candidates are looking for fair employers who promote equality throughout their organisational culture. So ensure you are positioning yourself as an inclusive and progressive employer who looks out for each employee.  


4. Get the Language Right 

Avoid jargon and buzzwords, as the best candidates will see through meaningless phrases or over the top descriptions of roles. 

Keep it simple and honest AND engaging and friendly.  

Finance job descriptions can be sterile, so make sure your best HR wordsmith is tasked with the job of making it appealing and readable.  

Remember that your job advert will appear on job boards and apps, so use the right keywords to attract candidates who fit the bill. Instead of ‘finance ninja’, use the correct job title to appear in more relevant searches.  



If your job adverts are failing to attract quality finance candidates and you need help sourcing candidates with the right skills who will also be a great organisational fit for your business, we can help. 

We have been helping organisations find their ideal finance and accounting candidates for over 15 years, and we understand the current market challenges which we can help you overcome.  

Get in touch with us today here or call on 01282 930930 to discuss your finance recruitment needs and how we can help.  





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