How To Handle Receiving Multiple Job Offers

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In a world where finding the ideal finance role can take months, the idea of receiving multiple job offers at once can seem like a dream come true. However, choosing between a range of excellent positions can be more challenging than most people realise.  

You’ll need to make a decision that could affect your future within a relatively short period. Plus, you’ll want to make sure you’re not burning any bridges or damaging your professional brand when you reject one of the available roles.  

The key to ensuring you select the right role and lay the foundations for a brighter future is ensuring you have the correct strategy in place. Here are some suggestions to handle dealing with multiple job offers.  

1. Examine the Details of Each Role Carefully 

The first step in choosing between two finance roles is making sure you assess the qualities of each position carefully. Read through the job description for each position again and consider how your responsibilities might differ depending on where you choose to work.  

Creating a list of tasks you enjoy versus those you don’t will help you compare and contrast your options. Aside from looking at the specific responsibilities of each position, it’s also worth looking at differentiating factors like: 

  • Schedule: Does one role offer more customisation than the other? Is there an option to choose your schedule with one employer or explore a 4-day work week?  
  • Flexibility: If you’re looking for a position which allows you to work in a hybrid or remote environment, do both jobs offer the same opportunities? 
  • Compensation: What sort of salary can you expect from each role? Does one offer come with more benefits and perks than the other, like extra training or potential bonuses? 

2. Consider the Company’s Culture 

Today, around 46% of job candidates believe company culture is crucial when looking for the ideal role. Your chosen position’s culture will help determine whether you feel supported, included, and satisfied in your role.  

Start by asking yourself what things you value regarding a company’s environment. Are you looking for plenty of open communication between leaders and financial staff? Do you want to work for an employer who frequently invests in education and training opportunities for teams? 

If like many financial professionals, you’re worried about things like burnout affecting your role, it may be worth looking at how each business supports its employees’ well-being. Ask yourself whether each of your would-be employers would commit to supporting your physical and mental health to ensure you can thrive in your new position. 

3. Look for the Right Manager 

More than 2 in 5 employees leave a business because of a bad manager. Even if you love your work and appreciate the flexibility of the workplace, you may struggle to thrive if you feel like you’re constantly being pressured or micro-managed by leadership. 

During the interview stage, it’s worth learning as much as possible about the people you’ll be working with and the management styles they use. Look for a leader who is generous with their time and capable of delivering regular, consistent feedback.  

Ask your potential employers how your work will be evaluated and how frequently business leaders listen to the feedback given by their staff. The leadership style of your manager or supervisor should match perfectly with your work methods.  

4. Consider Your Career Plan 

Whenever you start a new role in the finance industry, you should be thinking about how this position will contribute to your overall career plan. Just because one job might offer a slightly higher salary doesn’t mean it will deliver the best benefits in the long term.  

Look for a position that gives you the most opportunities to advance your career in a direction that makes sense. Will there be training and advancement opportunities in the future that will take you closer towards your goals? What experience will you get from your day-to-day responsibilities in each new position? 

It can be helpful to write down your career plan and visualise where you want your financial jobs to take you in the long term. This way, you can look at each job opportunity and evaluate which will deliver the most benefits or help you make the most progress towards your goals.  

5. Communicate Regularly 

Once you’ve received a job offer from multiple companies, it’s important to remember those employers will be working with a deadline. They need to fill their roles as quickly as possible, and if you take too long to decide, they could “settle” for the next best candidate, leaving you with fewer opportunities.  

Be honest with each hiring manager, and let them know if you need extra time. Show gratitude for the offer, and highlight your excitement about the role, so they know you’re serious about considering the job.  

In a worst-case scenario, your potential employer might tell you that they need an answer by a specific date or time. If this is the case, you’ll know you need to make your decision quickly, which could help to prevent you from procrastinating.  

6. Talk to Your Finance Recruiter 

Your finance recruiter is more than just a resource for helping you apply for the right job opportunities; they can also help you make decisions about where to work. A specialist finance recruiter might be able to give you more insights into the nature of the companies you’re considering and highlight how each role aligns with your goals.  

Make sure you outline exactly what you’re looking for in a position with your recruiter ahead of time, so they can get the best view of which jobs are right for your needs.  

Based on your insights, your recruiter should be able to ask you questions to understand better which role is best for you.  





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