Strategies for Successful Online Finance Job Seeking

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Online job seeking can be a double-edged sword. Depending on your desired role and catchment area, there are likely plenty of jobs to which you can apply.  

However, the drawback is there is no guarantee that these employers will contact you or that the job description is accurate and representative of the role. 

Additionally, many variables are out of your hands when you job search online, such as: 

  • The responsiveness of the finance hiring manager 
  • Knowing how many other candidates are applying for the same role 
  • How suited you are to the company culture 

As you can see, there are a variety of potential challenges when looking for your new accountancy role online. 

Today, we look at four strategies to get the most out of your online accountancy job search. 


1. Tailor Your CV with Keywords  

The first thing to do to improve your online job seeking results is to optimise your CV. Many employers and hiring managers use CV technology, such as automated tracking systems (ATS), to find suitable candidates. 

Your employment history will likely include a range of different skills, so make sure you use relevant words to describe your previous roles. As well as your accountancy qualifications, use keywords, such as: 

Instead of saying ‘I led a team of accountants’, use words such as ‘team leader’ or ‘leadership role’.  

Use the exact keywords and phrases in your CV from the job descriptions to which you are applying; doing this will flag your CV as a match.  


2. Broaden Your Search 

We are all creatures of habit, and we tend to stick to the same things we are familiar with, which make us feel safe.   

From visiting your favourite holiday destination to choosing the same supermarket – we like to ‘know’ what we are getting, and these ingrained behaviours can be hard to break. And the same goes for online job seeking. 

Plenty of candidates use a few chosen online resources to search for jobs. It is understandable that after being successful with one avenue, such as an online job board or app, that a candidate would continue to favour this method for all future searches.  

But repeatedly looking in the same few places is not the best way to optimise your job search. Upload your CV to as many different online CV libraries as possible; there are plenty out there. If you would like more information on sharing your CV online, contact me today for my expert advice.  

Additionally, write down a list of all the potential employers you can think of and visit their websites individually – many companies will only advertise vacancies on their site. 


3. Get the Most Out of LinkedIn  

How many of us are guilty of creating a social profile, such as LinkedIn, filling out your details and then never going back to revise or update it? 

We all lead busy lives, and it can sometimes feel like there isn’t time to spend on social media, but while it is a social channel, LinkedIn is also an excellent tool that could land you your next accountancy role. 

As well as highlighting your skills, abilities and employment history, as an ‘enhanced’ digital CV, LinkedIn is invaluable for networking and getting spotted. 

Former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner highlighted the following three tips to maximise the potential of your LinkedIn profile: 

  • Always keep your profile and personal details up to date 
  • Be comprehensive about your current skills and objectives. As of 2021, there is even a function that allows you to highlight on your profile picture that you are actively seeking employment 
  • Showcase your recent experience and how this relates to your current job search 

Keeping active on LinkedIn, such as liking, sharing and commenting on current issues, blogs and articles within the industry, will help you stand out from the talent pool and demonstrate your worth as an expert in your field to potential employers.  


4. Do Your Research 

Finally, when conducting your accountancy job search, remember to gather as much information as possible about potential employers.  

A big part of whether you will succeed in your next role is to do with culture fit. A position can sound great on paper and be matched well to your skills and experience. But if you don’t fit in with the culture, you could find yourself looking for a new position sooner than you expect. 

Use every avenue you can to glean information about the company culture and values, including employee reviews, testimonials, and social media.  


Are You Still Looking for Your Next Finance Role? 

If you are currently looking for your next accountancy role and have been unsuccessful in going it alone – we can help. 

As expert recruiters of finance and accountancy talent in the North West, we can help you navigate the entire process, from discovering your career goals and landing those all-important interviews. 

And, we will help minimise the uncertainty that comes from going it alone in your online job search. 

You can contact me today by calling 01282 930930 or click here to get in touch via email. Alternatively, click here to view our current finance and accountancy opportunities in the North West.  





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