The 5 Reasons to Change Your Finance Role in 2019

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Leaving a job isn’t easy.  

If you’re comfortable in your role, and you’ve been with a business for several years now, it may be difficult for you to decide that it’s time to look for something new. However, no matter how nerve-wracking a change can be, you might find that a new position leads to better opportunities for you and your future.  

The financial industry is changing at a rapid pace, with new positions and technologies appearing all the time. To enhance your career, you may find that you need to move out of your comfort zone and explore something new.  

If you’re thinking of making a change in 2019, here are 5 reasons why you might consider looking for a different job this year.  


1. There Aren’t Any Development Opportunities Available



Whether you’re an accountant dreaming of a financial controller role, or you simply want a chance to show off your management skills, it’s crucial to know that there are opportunities for growth and development in your current career. If you feel as though you’re stagnating in your position, with no training or mentorship available, then it’s time to look for a role that will take you closer to your professional goals.  

Look back at your targets and what you hoped to achieve during 2018. If the year started positively, but you’ve now entered a rut of doing the same work, ask your manager whether you can take on some extra responsibilities.  

If there’s nothing extra you can do in your role, but you’re not feeling challenged at work, then it’s a clear sign that you need to look into something new.


2. You’re Dealing with Too Much, or Too Little Work

High-performing employees often take on extra work in the office, because they’ve shown management that they can handle the responsibility. However, when there are gaps in your team to fill, or your business leaders are struggling to find someone to take over certain chores, you may find that too much additional work comes your way.  

If you start feeling overwhelmed by the number of projects that you’re given each day, speak to your managers about reducing the workflow slightly, if you continue to say “no” to projects and you keep getting them anyway, then you might need to look for a different job.  

On the other hand, it’s difficult to impress your boss and show off what you’re capable of when you’re not getting enough work sent your way. If you’re sat wondering what to do each day, this may also indicate that something needs to change with your role.


3. You Can’t Stand the Company Culture



Company culture is becoming a crucial part of any strategy for consistent growth in the financial industry. In a fast-paced sector like finance, people need to be able to work comfortably and efficiently together in an environment where they feel respected and supported. Unfortunately, if your work style or the approach you take to your job doesn’t mesh with the people you work with each day, you’re never going to feel like you fit within a business.  

In an ideal world, all personalities would blend perfectly, and everyone would be able to reach their targets regardless of who they’re working with. In the real world, clashes in characteristics can happen, and it’s important to seek out a better company culture if you don’t feel at home in your job.  

You spend 40+ hours per week at work, make sure that you’re content with wherever you are.


4. Lack of Benefits and Rewards

Every employee, whether they’re an account manager or a registered accountant, wants to feel as though they’re recognised and appreciated at work. When staff members feel like their hard work has been disregarded, this often leads to feelings of frustration in the workplace.  

If you’re always going above and beyond for your team, and you do not see results in the form of extra benefits, rewards, or even a pat on the back, then this may mean that it’s time to take your talents elsewhere. Looking for an employer that will recognise and celebrate your skills will help you to feel more satisfied in your role.


5. No Plan for the Future



Finally, today’s financial companies need an effective plan for dealing with disruptive technologies and changes in the marketplace if they’re going to thrive. The world of finance and banking is evolving, driven by things like artificial intelligence, mobile money management and more. If a company fails to stay on the cutting edge, they may also struggle to attract and retain top talent.  

As the financial sector becomes more competitive, the best candidates will want to find a role where they can always learn new skills and take advantage of the latest technology. If your employer refuses to acknowledge the most recent evolutions in the financial space, it might be time to start looking for a position where you can be a part of the new industrial revolution.  


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