6 Questions You Should be Asking Your Specialist Finance Recruiter

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If you are considering looking for a new finance role this year, the best place to start is by choosing a specialist finance recruiter to work with.   

Working with a specialist recruiter offers many advantages – it’s their job to match candidates with their ideal finance role; acting as the link between the candidate and the employer. They are knowledgeable about the finance sector and can help give you an advantage over other candidates, not only helping secure interviews but advising on interview preparation, updating your CV or LinkedIn profile and guiding you to achieving your dream role.  

And because a recruiters reputation is based on the calibre of the candidate they supply, if they put you through for interview, it’s because they believe you are an excellent fit for that company.  

There can be no doubt that working with a finance recruiter to help find you your perfect job role has many benefitsbut to secure the right recruiter, you will need to ask some initial questions.   

And not just about potential jobs and the companies involved, but about the recruiter too.  

That way, you can gauge who is the best recruiting partner for you, and use their insights and expertise to establish who may have the best job options for you where you are currently in your finance career.  

Spending time finding recruitment firm you trust is crucial. And once you have a someone in mind, the first step to building a relationship is to ask some critical questions.  

So, lettake a look at what you should be asking recruiters to establish who best fits your career development aspirations this year.   


1. What IYour Experience of the Finance Recruiting Industry?



You need to ensure your consultant has the in-depth industry knowledge required.   

The best recruiters network across the finance community and their strong connections indicate a comprehensive understanding of how the finance marketplace works.   

Their experience is also indicative of their understanding of finance qualifications and career development paths, so they are ideally placed to advise you on your next steps.  


2. How Long Have You Been Working in This Capacity?  

Alongside establishing a recruiter’s knowledge of the finance industry, check out how long they have been in the finance recruitment business or working as a consultant.  

The longer the recruiter has been working in some capacity within finance, the better their understanding of the finance world, of companies and candidates and how to make successful matches, will be.   


3. Do You Have Exclusivity with Your Clients?  



Some recruiters work exclusively with employers. Others may be one of several recruiters all recruiting for the same role.  

Potentially, the more recruiting companies who are involved, the higher the number of competitors for the same finance job vacancy, so the more considerable the competition will be for you. 


4. How Long Have You Been Working with Your Clients?  

Does your recruitment company have a lot of repeat business from their clients?   

Dedicated recruiters want to achieve longlasting relationships with their employer-base and will, therefore, offer a more focused service.   

This indicates they have got to know individual companies well, and as such, will have a greater insight into what those companies are looking for in their employees. It will also indicate that they have insider knowledge of the company culture, ethos and its long-term goals and aspirations.  

Additionally, long term relationships indicate that consultants probably have a close connection with the CEO or hiring manager; therefore, they are likely to have access to hiring information and unposted finance jobs before they hit the marketplace.   

All of which is beneficial to you, the candidate. 


5. What Are Your Ethical Processes?  



Always choose someone who is a good match for your ethos. Look for individuals and recruiting firms who have reliable and ethical processes in place that reflect your values.  

For example, will they check with you first before sending your CV off to potential employers?  

Its also wise to confirm that your recruiter offers an initial face to face interview and then regular informal meetups or conversations to allow them to make a full initial analysis of your CV and then get to know you, which leads me on to …..  


6. How Frequently DYou Connect with Candidates?

You don’t want a recruiter who takes your CV, and then you never hear from them again. Good recruiters check in regularly with candidates.   

As well as setting up interviews for potential finance jobs, they should be able to offer you advice and guidance on job-related preparation. This includes ideas such as interview techniques, how to smarten up your LinkedIn presence, improve your CV, develop your personal brand and other related activities that will help you achieve success in your job hunt.  


What Next?  

The top finance professionals of today want to work with recruitment partner that they feel they can trust.    

By asking the key questions in this article, you will establish they are the right recruiter for you.   

Additionally, the right recruiter with specialist finance sector knowledge will be able to provide valuable information such as tips on preparing for your interview, improving your CV and online presence, and information about the finance companies you are thinking of applying for roles with.  

Frequent contact with your recruiter also indicates your interest level is high and checking in regularly will ensure you are front of mind when that perfect finance job vacancy arises. 





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