Finding New Purpose in Your Finance Career

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Historically, the first few months of the year is when people reflect on their careers. 

The typical new year’s resolutions often contain plans for promotions, higher-paid roles and dreams of new opportunities. 

And while the pandemic has slowed things down in some industries, we still see a lot of movement within the finance sector. More than ever, finance departments are in much-needed demand. 

Renewed optimism this year is also playing into many people’s new career plans. The pandemic has made people stop and assess their entire lives like never before. 

Add to this the fact that some financial professionals who were job seeking this time last year have put their search on hold while things settled down, and we have the recipe for significant movement in the market. 

Many of the candidates I speak to tell me they are looking for a new position that can offer them an increased sense of purpose, a role more suited to their ultimate professional and personal goals. 

So, how can you find that all-important purpose in your finance career this year? 


Deciding to Stay or Go? 



You might be considering looking for a new finance position, but it’s essential to recognise if it is the challenging year that we’ve all had to make you think about switching jobs. 

Have you been remote working while trying to homeschool? Do you lack dedicated office space and have been working from your dining table?  

The way many of us have been working this past year has been less than ideal. It might be your environment that is causing you to feel unsettled in your role. 

Think about the way you like to work – if you prefer working from home or not, and if your current employer can offer you the style of working you prefer. Employers are increasingly offering hybrid working for their employees, so talk to your manager about whether they could be more flexible with your days in the office.  

But if your dissatisfaction runs deeper than this, it might be time to think about your new job search. 


Finding Purpose 

A fulfilling job is on many people’s ultimate goal list, and this can mean something different to everyone. 

Some accountants want to increase their earning potential to the maximum; others wish for a more flexible position to suit their lifestyle. The desire for a new job can come from a feeling of unsettlement, and we can’t ignore the global events of the past few years, which have undoubtedly contributed.  

If you are considering a new role, consider these points first to help you with your decision. 


1. Look at Your Accomplishments 



If you’re the type of person who finds it hard to celebrate your success, the desire for a career change might come from a place of wanting to progress, without realising how far you have already come. 

Write down a list of everything you have achieved in the last 12 months and the previous years spent in your current role. 

You might lack fulfilment right now, but is this to do with a lack of satisfaction with your employer or organisation, or is it a lull in your current position? Every career path has ups and downs – make sure you have considered this when looking for a new job. Perhaps staying in your current role but doing more training or taking on more responsibilities will help? 


2. Discover What’s Important to You 

The feeling of a lack of purpose is an indication that something needs to change.  

Maybe you have realised that you need to be pushed more to feel fulfilled? This could mean taking on a new role in a new company or moving to a different specialism. 

Perhaps you want to step back, start a family, or wind down at the end of your career? Talking to a recruiter about possible finance opportunities is a great way to find out what’s available and will give you ideas of what your next move could be.  


3. Create a Specific Career Plan  



Career dissatisfaction can be present in people who fell into their current role and feel there has been a lack of control in their previous employment choices. 

Wherever you are in your career, it is important to set goals that will help you feel in control and give you that sense of purpose you have been looking for. 

Many employees stay in positions that don’t fulfil them because the idea of looking for a new role seems daunting, especially if your current one is comfortable. And this is where a recruiter will help. Finding a new finance job doesn’t have to be stressful, and you don’t have to go it alone. 

If you are considering looking for a new finance position, we can help. We can source roles for you to match your personal and professional goals – eliminating the uncertainty that sometimes comes with changing jobs.  


Next Steps? 

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