How To Impress In Your New Finance Role

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Finally, you have landed the finance role you have been working towards in your ideal company, and you now have a chance to show what you can do.  

Having worked recruiting finance professionals for over 15 years, the team at Rebus Recruitment have noticed a thing or two about who makes an impact quickly in a new role and gets the favourable attention of their new manager and company.   

The reality is that these individuals exhibit specific patterns and behaviours that seem to guarantee their success and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a newly qualified ACC or a senior commercial accountant. 

What is clear is that these individuals have developed good habits that produce results. 

Back in the sixties while working with astronauts such as Neil Armstrong and his colleagues, research showed that it took about 30 days for the guys to handle weightlessness to a point where it seemed like it was their ‘natural state’. This same ’30 day’ pattern cycle is observed in many other situations and environments.

So how about putting this concept into practice as you start your new finance role? It makes sense that if you act on some of the following ideas and strategies during your first few months, it is going to pay dividends, not only for the start of your finance career with your new employer but for many months and potentially years to come. It will even help you develop your career to the next level. 


1. Set Yourself Goals



It’s clear when we interview stand out candidates that they are focused individuals who set themselves stretching goals. Thinking about your new role, take some time to plan what you want
to achieve in your first 90 days. Then break this down into what you will have achieved by the end of the first month then by the end of 8 weeks etc.

Set yourself specific milestones for each month so that you can keep yourself on track. Now break each goal down into weekly then daily actions and stick to them. This may mean you decide to arrive at work early to spend time planning and getting up to speed on new systems and products. Trust me; it will be noticed.

Keep a record of the actions you take and the results you achieve. It’s good to get some early quick wins, and this will motivate you to stay on track. Most people don’t appreciate that as human beings we are success seeking creatures, and our minds continuously look for ways to be successful; now, everything is on your side. 


2. Ask Questions

If you don’t know, ask. When starting any new role, most companies recognise that in the early days there will be plenty of questions. As you begin to understand the company, finance system and process as well as new colleagues, you will be encouraged to ask questions.  

At this point, you will find your new manager and colleagues will be more than happy to answer your questions freely.

Make the most of this period of grace. Important: take notes and refer to them.  


3. Be on Time



I know this sounds obvious and we can all be late, I know. Traffic, trains, the school run, no parking, (I could go on) all seem to conspire against us. It’s possible to be on time consistently, and it is one of those standout habits of successful people.

Think about how it feels when someone turns up on time? It is a sign of respect, professionalism and focus.   

It is about discipline. 

This might be an unpopular message and having discipline works in life. The structure that discipline gives you brings results you never would expect and certainly helps you make an impact in your first 30, 60 and 90 days.


4. Be a Team Player

I appreciate you want to be recognised as a financial star who can always be counted on to get it right. 

However, being a team player is increasingly important. I guess that in your interview you will have been asked questions to find out how you work in a team setting. Make it a priority to get to know everyone in your team as well as others in the business who you will regularly liaise with in support functions as you go about your day to day work.

Take the time to occasionally socialise outside work, grab lunch together and find out about your colleagues. Remember you don’t need to be close friends with everyone.  However, you do need
to have good working relationships with people while recognising that you will gravitate to some people more than others and this is natural. 


5. Do More Than You Are Paid For



In a new company, you need to listen and learn as much as you can. That is going to take time and effort, including some early starts and later finishes. The good news is it will work. 

It is about practice and application. Let’s talk sport for a minute (sorry to those who aren’t sports fans). There is a reason that professional footballers, rugby players, and athletes train. It reminds me of the famous Gary Player quote “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. It’s simple, the more you practice, the better you get, the more you reap the rewards.   



Making a great impression in your new finance role is straightforward, yet so many people don’t follow these simple steps. 

That won’t be you though; will it?


 Rachel Mitson 


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