Keeping Your Confidence High During Redundancy

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Going through redundancy is recognised as one of the most stressful life events a person can experience. 

With a period of economic recession upon us, there will, unfortunately, be redundancies in finance roles. With an increase of candidates out in the job market, it is essential for those struggling to get all of the help and advice they need. 

I have put together this blog to help finance candidates who are currently going through redundancy, to remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

Today’s blog is all about how to keep your confidence high if you are experiencing redundancy, with six practical tips and strategies to use. 



Though this might sound a strange idea to start with being active and engaged is a great way to shift both your mindset and energy. Volunteering is a great way to both keep your confidence up and to strengthen your CV at the same time. 

In a tough candidate market, the next time you do get an interview, it is highly impressive to employers when they can see that you have been proactive during one of the toughest periods of your life, it shows determination and character. 

You could help out with a local charity that is close to your heart. Alternatively, you could apply for some work experience in an organisation in your sector, or a sector or organisation you might be considering for your next potential career move. 


Work Experience  

Approaching an employer with a work experience request is a great way to get on their radar.  

If you approach it professionally and keep an open mind, there should be nothing embarrassing about completing work experience. It will expand your network, give you new skills and expertise and increase your chances of meeting someone who will tell you about a new vacancy that’s coming up.  


Applying for Roles You Had Not Previously Considered 

When it comes to searching for your next role, it’s time to get strategic. Consider all of the different routes into employment; you might have to think outside the box. 

Taking a part-time role is often better than holding out for something full-time, although it might not be ideal at the time.  

Additionally, think about the skills you have from your previous employments that you might be able to utilise in a new role.  

It might even be time for a career change. 

When looking for your next role, is there anything you have always been interested in that you would like to now consider as a new avenue to explore? 



If you are looking to retrain in accountancy, the good news is that there are qualifications you can complete in your own pace at your own time which will help you on your accountancy career path. The AAT is a minimum level for an accountant, and the ACCA, ACA and CIMA qualifications are additional for more qualified, higher-paid roles. 

If you are already qualified, and in the finance sector, there is different training you can undertake to help boost your skills and increase your job prospects.  

Click here for 13 free digital courses you can take to boost your soft and hard skills. 

There are also government grants available for retraining, click here for more information 

Additionally, listening to podcasts, watching TED talks, attending accountancy webinars, and finding or becoming a mentor are all great ways to upskill yourself when you’re not currently working.  


Be Kind to Yourself  

Looking after your health physically and mentally is crucial when you have experienced redundancy. 

Yes, you will feel down. But studies show that maintaining positive physical health can help you mentally.  

Get enough sleep (at least eight hours), and aim to keep a good routine, this means getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Stay active; keeping fit releases those all-important endorphins. Many people complain that working full time stops them from staying in shape. If you are currently out of work, you have the perfect excuse to get plenty of exercise, which will make you feel great.  


Staying Positive  

And finally, aim to remember during this time that it might have been sudden, shocking and disheartening, but that redundancy can be a time for reflection, change and new beginnings. 

So long as you are getting all of the help available to you, such as government schemes or benefits, remember that redundancy is not forever, it is one blip in the long timeline of your career. 

Every day, aim to focus on the little things in life that bring you joy and try to shut down feelings of negativity as they start to happen.  



If you are a finance candidate looking for your next steps after being made redundant, we’re here to help. 

Browse our current vacancies and apply here, alternatively, get in touch with me here to discuss your career options.  





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