Planning of Timescales

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When recruiting for a position within a company considering some timescales is key to your recruitment success. Here’s five things to ensure you consider when recruiting for a position:

1 – Advertising the role
External advertising should always be for a minimum of two weeks. This gives job seekers enough time to see the advert, consider applying for the role and eventually completing the application before the deadline date. It is important to display a deadline date for applications so that those considering applying for the role don’t miss out and in turn makes sure you don’t miss out on the best candidates for the role.

2 – Viewing the applications

Managers should ideally have approximately 1 – 3-week period to shortlist candidates from the deadline date. This time-frame could depend on the grade of the role and also the volume of applications received.

3- Interview
Shortlisted candidates should be contacted via telephone or via email no later than 1 week after being shortlisted for an interview. Candidates should be given up to 1 weeks’ notice prior to the interview date, in order to organise any arrangements necessary for the candidate to be able to attend.

4 – Interview to take place

The interview should ideally take place over a 1-week period, this enables candidates to be interviewed within the same time frame and enables the employer to make decision at the end of the interview week.

5 – Offer to be made to the successful candidate
A conditional letter should be sent offering the position to the successful candidate. If the candidate accepts the position offered to them a start date should be confirmed and contract should be sent to their home address for them to sign and send back to the company.

Starting employment in the new position could take up to 1 month depending on the successful candidates notice period at their current work place.

This is something to be aware of.
This whole process could take up to an amount of 12 weeks in total, making sure you have timescales set aside allows you to plan and ensures that the recruitment process goes as smooth as it possibly can.

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