The 4 Crucial Steps to Attracting Accounting Talent in the Current Market

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Finding and recruiting the ideal accounting talent isn’t easy.  

Even with a specialist recruitment company like Rebus on hand to find the right candidates, companies still need to ensure that their job offers are attractive enough.  

Unfortunately, according to research into the ever-growing UK skills shortage, experts have discovered that accounting and financial professionals will soon be even harder to find. 60% of employers said that they expected to see a moderate shortage in the accounting field this year.  

The good news is that you can still find and recruit the right staff. All you need is the support of the right recruitment team, and the following four steps.  


Step 1: Create a Compelling Company Culture 



Many accounting employees are independent people. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from the support of an engaged team. Many modern candidates, particularly from the millennial demographic, are now looking at “company culture” when deciding whether to accept a job offer.  

Your people want to know that they’re going to have room to grow without managers hanging over their shoulders, as well as plenty of guidance when they need it too. To determine whether your company culture is on the right track, send an anonymous questionnaire out to your existing employees asking them what they like and dislike about working with you.  

Remember to ask for suggestions on how to improve. For instance, some of your people may want more flexible working opportunities, while others need an open-door policy to discuss ideas with managers.  


Step 2: Offer Opportunities for Growth  

A supportive work environment is just one of the things your candidates are looking for when they scout out your business. They also want to see evidence that you can offer plenty of opportunities for development too.  

Show accounting professionals that they can learn new skills and accelerate their career plan with you, and you’re far more likely to capture their attention.  What’s more, you’ll also have an easier time establishing a reputation as a business that cares about its employees’ futures. Show your people they have room to grow by: 

  • Sharing staff success stories on your website and social media (this will have a positive impact on your employer brand)  
  • Establishing a mentorship programme for people who need extra assistance in achieving their goals.
  • Welcoming people to the team with an onboarding strategy that includes discussing a roadmap for development with each employee.  

Opportunities for development don’t have to just focus on potential promotions. You can also give people a chance to access new skills and knowledge through responsibilities in lateral roles.  



Step 3: Go Beyond Remuneration  

It’s important to give your staff members the salary they’d expect. Speak to a recruitment company like Rebus for guidance in determining a competitive remuneration package for each of the accounting roles you want to fill. 

At the same time, remember that there’s more to keeping your staff happy than giving them the right amount of money each month. Today’s employees are also looking for alternative perks that go beyond money, such as: 

  • Wellness programmes at work to promote good health: You might install an in-office gym, or give people vouchers to join a local exercise class.
  • Flexible schedules and remote working opportunities: Can your team members work from home on their birthday, or finish early when they need to pick the kids up from school?
  • Networking and development opportunities: Aside from access to training, can you also send your people to industry events to expand their skills? 

Sometimes, attracting and retaining accounting talent boils down to the recognition you can give. Some staff members simply want to know that they’re appreciated, and a hand-written thank you note is enough to accomplish this. Regular recognition shows new employees that you care about your people and reminds your existing staff why they love working with you.  


Step 4: Improve the Hiring Process 



As demand for accounting talent continues to outpace supply, sometimes the best way to get your hands on the people you need is to enhance the hiring process.  

The best people on the market won’t want to wait around for months to see whether you’re going to give them an offer or not. As such, it’s important to make sure that your hiring manager has everything they need to find the right employee as quickly as possible, from the right interviewing questions to a scoring method.  

A recruitment company will also be able to streamline the hiring journey by ensuring that you don’t waste time on any unqualified candidates. Experts like Rebus can even help to double-check your job descriptions and ensure that you’re conveying the right employer brand to applicants.  

The easier it is for you to build an attractive advertisement for your company, and rapidly move through the recruitment process, the less likely you are to lose the talent you need to a competitor.  



Rachel Mitson


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