The 4 Secrets To Successfully Managing Former Peers

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You’ve achieved promotion to a higher-level finance role, and youre excited about new possibilities – until you realise that this means that you will now be managing former peers.  

Managing peers who are now your direct reports can be extremely challenging and needs to be handled well. You will need to renegotiate your role after promotion. 

For finance professionals in this position, here are some strategies to help you make that transition a success for you, and your new team. 


1. Prepare for the Transition  



So, the first thing to remember is that the most successful transitions start long before the actual promotion takes place. 

Successfully establishing credibility with your past peers as their newly promoted finance manager means not waiting until you are promoted.   

What you do now will impact on your future. For example, if you are in the habit of taking extended lunches or spending more than a few minutes chatting by the water cooler or kettle – it’s time to re-evaluate your behaviour. Otherwise, when you get a promotion, everyone is going to know how you behave – and that won’t get you off to a credible start.  

Therefore, its critical to establish a high level of character and integrity early in your finance career – and keep it consistent.  

Additionally, invest some time considering what type of management style you would like to be known for once you make the transition to finance manager. Then apply these characteristics to how you work with peers now. Put into practice the ideal way you would like to plan, make decisions, collaborate and communicate with others.  

This has two advantages: it establishes your working professionalism with others from the start, and it means there are no surprises in your behaviour and style when you gain promotion, as everyone will know what to expect from you.  


2. Establish Your Credibility   



Take action that will establish your credibility by aiming for your teams respect, not their friendship.   

If a former peer is also a workplace friend, you will, inevitably, need to distance yourself and be aware of the relationship reshaping that will need to happen. A one to one chat should explain how the relationship will be changing and offer an opportunity to talk through the implications. 

Its wise to let your friend know they can count on your support in their role, asking for theirs in return, but be clear that they will be treated equally alongside other members of the team.  

Avoidance of office gossip or politics is also critical, as is maintaining a sense of fairness and treating individuals the same.   


3. Communication with Your Team  

To establish your authority and gain respect, its advisable to meet with each member of your team. This enables you to discuss your expectations of working together, provides the opportunity for them to ask questions and allows you to position yourself as an open and transparent manager. 

simpleone-on-one conversation with your team members is one of the easiest yet powerful steps you can take as a new manager.   


4. Develop Your Personal Brand  



Relationships are built on trust and mutual respect. And its the same for your finance team.  As part of developing your finance manager role, consider your personal brand and how it impacts your success.  

From keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date to taking up speaking opportunities; creating online blogs to networking with other finance professionals – establishing your personal brand will have a positive impact. It helps to create an impression of who you are and demonstrates your inspirational qualities to help you engage and build rapport in your team as well as the wider financial business community.  


What Next?  

Its worth remembering that just because youve been successful in getting your dream managerial role in finance, the support youve had from your specialist recruiter doesnt end here  

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