The 7 Steps to Choosing the Best Finance Recruiter

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All too often it seems that unscrupulous recruiters see the business as an exercise in bums on seats. The motto of get as many CVs in front of the company and see if anything sticks is all too prevalent. The problem with this spray and pray approach is often that the candidates are totally unsuitable, or (worse still) they don’t even turn up for an interview. Both reflect badly on the recruiting company.

If you want to engage the best talent, you need to be sure you’re working with a great recruiting company in whom you can place your trust. 

There are several considerations to think about when deciding to work with a recruiter. With so many variables and options in the marketplace, it can seem overwhelming. Who will be the best? Who can you trust? Will they deliver on promises?    

Here are some simple steps to follow when choosing a recruiter, to get you thinking about the questions you need to ask yourself (and them) before you commit to a working relationship. 


Choosing a Recruiter 

1. Value Sharing

Ideally, you should look to work with an ethical company who shares your values. Integrity, honesty and transparency are all important. Look for strong client relationships and those who have a good number of years in the recruiting field; sketchy practices don’t equate to long-term business success.  

Make enquiries about how many people they have placed, and about their relationship with the companies with whom they work. 


2. Strong Client Relationships

You should look for recruitment companies who have repeat business from clients and the ear of senior managers. If a recruiter has worked with a client for a long time, they may have access to hiring information and unposted jobs before they hit the marketplace. Dedicated recruiters want to achieve long lasting relationships with clients and will, therefore, offer a more focused service, working around your own busy diary.  


3. Experience in the marketplace

The best recruiters have a good network across the finance community Strong connections are indicative of a good understanding of similar business or working environments to yours! You should also check their understanding of finance qualifications and expectations around career development within the field to ensure they are industry experts. 


4. Ethical and Effective Processes

Choose a recruiter who has good processes in place to ensure they send you the right candidates. Always ask the recruiter about their processes for clients and candidates.  Check their terms and be clear on your requirements. The recruiter you choose should have a focused recruitment process, allowing for the individual requirements of both candidate and client. This, in turn, supports longer placements and creates a happier workforce as people develop their career and are exposed to new challenges and opportunities. The process should also include face to face interviewing to allow for a full CV analysis of experience and a check that the candidate is a good fit for the business and role required. 


5. It’s All About the Brand

A good recruiter wont focus on KPIs; good recruiters aren’t galvanised by the number of customers retained or their percentage of the market share. Although these things have importance in building the company and its reputation, the primary focus should always be on offering the client an honest approach and extension of their internal business, not bamboozling them with facts and figures showing how marvellous they are. A great recruiter will support you with the recruitment and on-boarding service and offer tailored advice for your company. 


6. Respect is Crucial

Your recruiter should be honest, trustworthy, and well respected. Check they concur with candidates before sending CVs, that they are professional in all their dealingand respected not only by their clients but the industry as a whole 


7. Quality, not Quantity

Limit the number of recruiters you work with – those who are prepared to take the time to get to know you and your requirements, who are happy to jump on a call and who are prepared to challenge you if they believe they can offer beneficial advice. Dedication to clients is of paramount important, and those with a can do attitude who are happy to offer advice and guidance are worth their weight in gold. 


What Next? 

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