The Secret Hacks to Identifying a Finance Recruiter Who Will Accelerate Your Career 

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The science of recruitment has evolved in recent years.  

While certain skills, such as talent sourcing, relationship management, and market resilience remain core drivers of success, other capabilities like technical proficiency and social media knowledge have emerged as components of new hiring strategies.  

As the financial sector undergoes its own transformative period, the best recruitment teams must have a diverse set of competencies to support clients and candidates. Making 2019 into a crucial year in your development plan means finding a recruiter capable of accelerating and enhancing your career.  

Whether you’re a Group Financial Controller, or Head of Finance, these are the strategies you’ll need to know when choosing a rewarding partner for your job search. 

Look for Someone Who Can Provide Inside Information

Whether you’ve decided to change your finance role in 2019, or simply move to a different business, you’ll need to know how well you’ll fit into a potential position. Thriving in today’s financial industry isn’t just about finding the right job title or salary. You need to know that your values resonate with the ethics of the people you’ll be reporting to and that you’re well-suited to the company culture.  

An effective recruitment team, like the one at Rebus Recruitment, will be dedicated to finding the right fit for each position. They’ll understand what each employer is looking for beyond specific skills and qualifications, and they’ll be able to show you how your personal brand or leadership strategies make you ideal for a certain environment.  

Look for someone who can go beyond the job description to tell you: 

  • Why the role is available  
  • How senior members of staff are treated 
  • What’s going on within the business (is it growing?) 
  • How this position will support your career plan 


Choose an Industry Specialist



General recruitment teams know the basics of certain sectors like finance and banking. However, they don’t have the industry experience to dig down into the details of a role and determine what that position needs.  

Imagine that you’re looking for a position as a Financial Controller. A general recruiter may be able to find you a management position within a finance-driven company. A specialist will analyse the available controller roles on the market and show you how each one relates to your professional needs.  

For instance, perhaps one company uses a proprietary piece of reporting software that will help you to develop your technical skills. Another company may offer weekly brainstorming sessions between Controllers and management where you’ll have a chance to network and interact with your peers. Your specialist recruiter will guide you towards the position that’s right for your future.


Prioritise Emotional Intelligence  

Excellent recruiters must be passionate about what they do. Their dedication, combined with an analytical mind, is how they find the right matches for candidates and clients. However, when you’re looking for your financial recruitment team this year, go beyond passion and search for emotional intelligence.  

Emotionally intelligent recruiters will ask you questions about your skills, your previous roles and what you’re looking for in your new position. By creating an in-depth bio, they ensure that not only will you be able to impress instantly in your new job, but your employer will impress you too.  

“EQ” or emotional intelligence means that your recruiter can put themselves into your shoes and walk a mile. They know what appeals to accounting talent in the current market, and what group financial recruiters need to inspire their teams. This deep-seated empathy means you end up with a job you love for years to come.  


Ensure That They Can Communicate Well 



There’s no excuse for a radio-silent recruiter. As senior-level talent in the financial space, you don’t have time to sit around waiting for updates on your latest application. You need time to prepare for each interview, customise your CV sales pitch, and improve your personal brand.  

The right recruiter will never leave you in the dark for long. The best teams ensure that you always have an idea of when you can expect feedback, and when you’ll be updated on the status of your search. Many specialist recruiters can also deliver insights into how well an interview or screening phone call went.  

Make sure that anyone you choose to work with can provide you with consistent communication.  


Find a Long-Term Partner 

As a high-level financial professional, you know that achieving your career goals is a process that requires time, effort and ongoing focus. This means that you may need to continue working with your specialist recruiter, even after they’ve found you a great position.  



High-quality recruiters can remain in the background of your career plan, providing insights into things like the latest leadership training strategies, or updated salary benchmarks. They’re there when you decide that it’s time to move horizontally in your career instead of vertically, or when you want a promotion you can get with your current boss.  

73% of today’s candidates are “passive” job seekers. When you enter your new position, a long-term recruitment partner will ensure that you can keep your finger on the pulse of the transforming financial sector.  


About Rebus Financial Recruitment 

Rebus Financial Recruitment provides a specialist and focused recruitment service to its customers, which historically range from a wide variety of organisations including SME’s to large PLCs. 

We strive to offer both the client and candidate a seamless recruitment experience. Using our expertise, we get to the heart of employer and employee needs; and, in doing so, we match the two perfectly. To get in touch call us on 01282 930930. 

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