What Will Make The Best Finance Talent Join Your Team in 2022?

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With talent shortages causing significant problems in the professional sector, companies are under increasing pressure to find ways of attracting new candidates. As we move into 2022, the threat of the “great resignation” is looming, with many employees considering new roles and opportunities more aligned to their specific needs.  

If you’re not offering your current and future employees the benefits and support they’re looking for, you could find yourself struggling to succeed in 2022.  

Fortunately, business leaders can take steps to improve their talent acquisition and retention opportunities in the year ahead.  

Here are the things most likely to make financial pros join your team in 2022.  


1. Flexibility and Empathy 



Since 2020, many professionals have discovered they can be just as productive working from home and remote environments as in the office. As a result, Microsoft found around 70% of workers want remote opportunities to continue going forward, and about 65% of people want more time with their teams.  

Companies hiring talent for the new age of work will need to consider the specific needs of their employees and act accordingly. Many financial professionals will be able to work comfortably from anywhere but may need access to specific tools and technology to help them perform as effectively as possible. Outside of offering flexible working opportunities, consider other ways to support your employees in feeling more comfortable at work.  

Helping staff choose more flexible schedules when they need to take time out for personal responsibilities can make them feel more dedicated to your company. Investing in other wellbeing strategies, like giving your employees someone to talk to about any stress or mental health concerns, can be another great way of showing empathy. 


2. Ensure Opportunities for Growth 

Financial professionals are rapidly discovering new skills in the age of digital transformation. Many are beginning to use new tools and technologies on a regular basis. At the same time, like all employees, your financial pros are looking for opportunities to learn more transferrable skills.  

To ensure you not only attract the best financial talent in 2022 but retain the people you add to your team, you need to build an employer brand around a commitment to development and growth 

Invest in learning opportunities for your staff and help them discover new talents whenever possible. Show your financial employees there’s room to grow in your workforce by giving them plenty of chances for promotions and workplace upgrades.  

You could even give your team members more control over the kind of projects they work on by allowing team members to volunteer for activities or accounts they find interesting.  


3. Create Shared Values 



Increasingly, in the last few years, professionals have shown how much they want to work for employers who share their values and vision. The World Economic Forum says that a “sense of purpose” in work is essential to many employees in search of new roles.  

To attract financial experts in 2022, you’ll need to offer more than just a competitive wage. Today, many companies are pulling out all the steps by offering a huge selection of benefits and higher wages. To make your business stand out, you’ll need to show you care about the same things as your employees.  

One good way to get started is to invest more in sustainability in your business. With concerns about the health and safety of the planet on the rise, many candidates are looking for employers who can help protect the world they live in. If you show you’re willing to be more environmentally conscious in your business decisions, you’ll attract more talent. 


4. Put Employee Experience First 

Recently, companies everywhere have discovered that if they want to offer the amazing customer experiences required to ensure consumer loyalty, they need to start by getting the employee experience right. Engaged and satisfied employees are more productive in their roles and more committed to their employers.  

Putting employee experience first is crucial in finding and retaining the right team members. Start by highlighting the most important benefits of working for your team in your job descriptions. Look at things like flexible working and employee wellbeing strategies.  

Consider upgrading the interview process by using video conferencing tools rather than asking candidates to attend a meeting in person. You can even upgrade the onboarding process, using more structure to make your teams feel supported every step of the way, even when they’re working remotely.  


5. Remember Diversity and Inclusion 



Finally, just as employees are searching for more empathy from their hiring managers, they’re also looking for evidence their employers are committed to important changes, like diversity and inclusion. Increasingly, companies are casting wider nets in the search for talent in a skill-short environment. However, if you really want to attract the right people, you need to demonstrate that your willingness to be flexible with your hiring strategy isn’t based on necessity alone. 

An inclusive and equitable environment is better for not just your team but your bottom line too. Different perspectives encourage creativity and growth in the workforce. Your approach to DEI also ensures you make the right impact on potential staff members.  

Work with a specialist recruitment agency to bypass potential biases in your hiring strategy, and make sure you’re sourcing talent from a multitude of different environments.  

What’s Next? 

A dedicated financial recruitment agency will help you to find the talent you need, even in today’s competitive landscape. Your recruitment professionals at Rebus recruitment are on-hand to help you navigate the modern landscape. Reach us via email or on 01282 930 930.  



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