Where Have All the Great Accountants Gone?

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As developments in the finance industry continue, the demand for talent is greater than ever. In a 2018 study, over 60% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) said that they expect to see skill shortages this year.  

With over half of the respondents in the above study saying that accounting qualifications like ACCAs are crucial to their team going forward, it’s a great time to be an accountant. However, it’s not easy to recruit one. You might find yourself asking: “Where have all the great accountants gone?” 

The good news is that with support from a financial recruitment team like Rebus, you can make your business more attractive to these elusive candidates. Here’s our advice for reaching the right people this year.

1. Develop an Attractive Culture

The above study found that 40% of accounting professionals struggle to find a company that they want to work for. Their decisions aren’t based exclusively on remuneration and benefits either. Factors that stop candidates from saying “yes” also include location, reputation and company culture.  

Your company culture is how you ensure your people feel like a part of something when they join your team. Ask yourself whether employees in your company feel nurtured and supported. Do you give them plenty of opportunities to bond and work collaboratively? Are your accountants offered opportunities for growth with new training and certifications? 

Show your candidates that you’re a scalable business with plenty of development opportunities. Positive stories about career progression on your website, or updates from employees on your social pages support this.

2. Build a Beneficial Employer Brand

While your company culture shows what candidates can expect from your team, your employer brand highlights the nature of the business. As the skill shortage increases, candidates are beginning to look more at reputation when choosing who to work with. People want to feel like they can identify with their employer and the company’s values.  

Over 75% of today’s candidates are “passive.” A good employer brand is one of the best ways to convince these passive professionals to leave an existing role. Make your employer brand stand out by: 

  • Sharing your values on your job description, website and more: Are you interested in innovation, out-of-the-box thinking or diversity? Make sure it shows.
  • Communicate your vision: Ensure that your employees can find meaning in their work, by showing them what your business stands for.
  • Keep your promises: If you claim to invest in your employees, make sure you do! Provide them with training, networking opportunities, and transferrable skills.  

3. Show Accountants They Have a Future

31% of professionals name “career progression” as their primary motivation to change jobs. Prove that your new accountant will have a future with you, and you’ll be able to find talent easier.  

Make a point of showcasing opportunities for progression in your organisation. For instance, if you have a mentorship program with executive accountants, post stories about it on your website. Ask your employees to comment on their experiences online, or through social media.  

If your people have access to advanced development opportunities like the CIMA or CGMA highlight this on your job descriptions. Promoting these benefits throughout the recruiting process will make your business more attractive. It shows that your people have a career ahead of them, not just a temporary role.  

4. Deliver Job Satisfaction

When candidates are looking for evidence that they should join a new team, they’ll often consider the satisfaction levels of current employees. Today’s team members can rate their happiness levels on everything from social media, to employment forums. With that in mind, work on improving satisfaction wherever you can. 

Regular stay interviews with your current accountants will highlight what they like most about their jobs. You can then share the most attractive parts of each new position in your job descriptions. It’s also a good idea to ask staff to take part in anonymous surveys too.  

The more you actively improve job satisfaction, the easier it will be to attract and retain talent.  

5. Work with a Specialist Recruiter

Finally, working with a specialist recruitment team like Rebus streamlines your talent acquisition strategy. We’ve already researched the market, and we know how to connect with the accountants that are both active and passive.  

When you collaborate with a team like Rebus Recruitment, you’ll find the talent you need faster, and you can even build pipelines too. For instance, when someone applies to be part of your team and you don’t have an open space, add them to your mailing list. That way, you can stay in touch, and maintain the interest of great candidates in case you need them in the future.  

As the financial landscape grows more competitive, the right support can be the easiest way to simplify your hiring strategy. 

About Rebus Financial Recruitment 

Rebus Financial Recruitment provides a specialist and focused recruitment service to its customers, which historically range from a wide variety of organisations including SME’s to large PLCs. 

We strive to offer both the client and candidate a seamless recruitment experience. Using our expertise, we get to the heart of employer and employee needs; and, in doing so, we match the two perfectly. To get in touch call us on 01282 930930. 

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