Why Meeting with Your Recruiter Face to Face is Essential

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In a recruitment era defined by LinkedIn profiles and job boards, the number of face-to-face interviews is decreasing.  

Many people assume that they can build important relationships via their computer or phone. However, while technology certainly has its benefits, it can’t do everything. Here at Rebus Recruitment, we believe that meeting candidates in a face-to-face setting ensures that we can build the right rapport.  

When we meet with you in person, we can evaluate your personality, interviewing skills, and more, to ensure we’re finding the right fit for your future career.   

Here are some reasons why you should always take advantage of face-to-face conversations with your recruiter.  


1. Go Beyond the CV and Cover Letter

A finance recruiter like Rebus is here to help you accelerate your career. We’re not just passing your CV onto other people; we’re seeking out the best opportunities for you. This means that we need to get to know you, your values and your expectations. 

There’s more to who you are as an employee than your CV and cover letter. Those documents combined with your social profile give us a brief picture. However, we want to know the person behind the words, so that we can determine where you really fit. 

After getting to know you, we may even suggest that you’d be better suited to a different kind of role based on what you like and dislike about your current position. Alternatively, we might recommend that you include extra information in your CV that helps hiring managers to see the unique talent that you can provide.  


2. Get Some Interview Practice

If you’ve been employed for some time, there’s a good chance you haven’t had a lot of interview practice lately. Face-to-face interactions can grow to be something that candidates dread, but practice does make perfect. By meeting with a friendly recruiter from Rebus, you can get used to the process of showing off your best skills and describing yourself to others.  

We can make you feel at ease by discussing your options with you in a relaxing environment, while simultaneously providing constructive feedback so that you feel prepared for your next big interview.  

As experts in recruitment and hiring, we can also spot the elements of your personal presentation that might be putting hiring managers off. For instance, you might rush through your sentences, or regularly check the time. We can even guide you through the basics of better body language so that you exude confidence.  


3. Discover the Right Next Step

Recruitment teams like Rebus can show you how to pick a company that delivers far more than just the right salary. However, to determine what you need most from a position, we need a face-to-face meeting. It’s impossible to get a feel for what someone is passionate about when you only ever speak to them online or over the phone.  

When we meet in person, we’ll have an opportunity to sit down and go through your financial history step by step. We can look at your preferences for permanent and interim roles and discuss why you pursue the kinds of jobs that you’ve had before. We’ll also be there to answer any questions you might have about your career, including: 

  • How you can make your cover letter stand out  
  • How to find a mentor or network with your peers  
  • What you can do next to unlock new opportunities  
  • What specific industry terms and jargon mean? 

4. Find the Right Cultural Fit

One of the most important parts of successfully placing financial talent today is finding the correct cultural fit. When you spend a good portion of your life at work, you want to feel comfortable with the people and atmosphere around you.  

Although you can give us hints to your personality over the phone, it’s much easier to understand who you are and how you interact with others when we meet you face-to-face. We can sit together and discuss the teams that you work best with while analysing how you act around others. The more we know about your values, your behaviour and the way you present yourself, the easier it will be to find a team you fit perfectly with. 

The happier you are in your new company culture, the less likely it is that you’ll want to switch roles again in the near future 


5. Build a Foundation of Trust

Finally, we know how vital the right career is. Whether you’re a financial controller or an accountant, you want to find a job that pays the bills and allows you to pursue your passion. To do that, you need a recruiter that you can depend on. Our face-to-face meetings with candidates do more than simply allow us to get to know them. They also give you a chance to build a deeper relationship with us.  

Speaking in person with your recruitment consultant builds a level of trust and rapport that we can carry with us through future online interactions and phone calls. It’s reassuring to feel as though you know your recruitment team, and how we work.  

The more you feel connected to us, the easier it will be to ask questions in the future or let us know about any concerns you might have. You’ll leave your face-to-face meeting feeling confident that you and your future are in the right hands.  

About Rebus Financial Recruitment 

Rebus Financial Recruitment provides a specialist and focused recruitment service to its customers, which historically range from a wide variety of organisations including SME’s to large PLCs. 

We strive to offer both the client and candidate a seamless recruitment experience. Using our expertise, we get to the heart of employer and employee needs; and, in doing so, we match the two perfectly. To get in touch call us on 01282 930930. 

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You consent to receiving emails from us. Please see our privacy policy.