Why Planning Your Finance Career in 2022 Needs More Thought

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Career planning is an important part of ensuring a successful future in the financial industry. Unfortunately, many professionals don’t dedicate enough time and effort to mapping out their future. Though it can be difficult to determine what might happen in the years ahead, the right plan can help direct you towards financial roles you can thrive in 

A good career plan is something to consistently update, enhance, and optimise over time as your goals, expectations, and skillsets change.  

As the world of work is evolving, with new opportunities emerging like remote and flexible finance roles, it’s more important than ever to have a clear view of where you’re heading 

Here’s why career planning is more important than ever in 2022.  


1. Your Needs and Goals May be Changing 

With the start of a new year, many professionals may take the opportunity to assess their current career and ask themselves whether they’re really happy in their position. Many employees have considered switching to new roles over the last couple of years, searching for more flexible working schedules or more challenging work.  

Some financial professionals are even searching for more empathetic employers who seem to be invested in their development and future. If you’re no longer satisfied with your role at work, this could be the perfect time to start planning what you want.  

The demand for financial expertise is rising in a skills-short marketplace, meaning you have more opportunities for great employment ahead of you. Before you can leverage those chances for career growth, you first need a plan to determine what you want to do. 

Take the time now to ask yourself what you want from your future career. Options to consider include: 

  • Remote and flexible working opportunities 
  • More customisable schedules and working calendars 
  • Opportunities to work on different aspects of finance 
  • Chances to increase your income with new financial certifications 
  • Potential roles in sub-sections of your industry, like healthcare finance 


2. You’re Facing More Competition 

Although the skills shortage in the financial industry has increased the demand for dedicated professionals, this doesn’t mean you can afford to rest on your laurels. If you decide you want a new career in the years ahead, you may find you have a wide range of candidates to compete against. 

The rise of hybrid working as a genuinely appealing opportunity for financial staff has led to employers searching for talent in regions worldwide. If an employee can contribute effectively to the office from anywhere, they don’t need to be local to get a job offer.  

If your new goals for your financial career involve working with a particular business or employer, you might need to act fast to ensure you have the best possible chances of success. With more competition on the market, you’ll need: 

  • The right CV: Packed with information about your skills 
  • Interview skills: Video interviewing skills so you can demonstrate your competency 
  • Connections: Partnerships with the right recruitment company will make you stand out to the right employers.  


3. Your Current Strategy May Have Gaps 

Achieving your career goals in the competitive financial industry requires constant work. You should frequently be updating your skills and keeping your certifications up-to-date. You also need to ensure your CV and job applications present you in the right light, based on what employers are looking for in the current market.  

Unfortunately, if you haven’t updated your career plan in a while, you might be overlooking important elements of making yourself as hireable as possible. For instance, many employers searching for financial managers and supervisors will be looking for digital coaching and leadership skills. These will be essential to managing a hybrid team in the current finance industry.  

If you’re applying for a role in the digital landscape, you may also need to upgrade your CV to ensure it’s more “ATS” friendly. With applicants applying for positions from all over the world, more finance employers are beginning to use automated tracking systems to filter through submissions.  

Making sure you can reach your financial career goals may mean you need to update the format of your CV or rethink the way you get yourself in front of hiring managers. 


4. You May Have New Opportunities to Consider 

Finally, the financial industry is constantly evolving, particularly in today’s digitally-savvy landscape. As the world of finance grows more complex, new opportunities may begin to open up in exciting new roles and positions. Your idea of the ultimate finance job may change as you start to discover new skills and proficiencies in a tech-savvy world.  

Committing to regularly updating your career plan means you can set aside time to research the roles you’re most interested in and determine whether they’re still the opportunities best suited to you. Through periods of self-reflection, you may discover that an in-house financial manager position isn’t what you want after all. Instead, you might prefer to operate remotely, managing multiple accounts from your own home office.  

Once you determine where you want your future career to go, you can begin working with your financial recruitment team to seek new opportunities. 

What’s Next?

If you’ve decided it’s time to seek out a new opportunity in the financial industry for 2022, getting in touch with a financial recruitment specialist is crucial. Connect with Rebus Recruitment today to discover how we can help you find the ideal role this year. You can reach us on 01282 930 930 or via email here.  

If you’re struggling to maintain an engaged team in the new world of work, partnering with the right recruitment agency can help. Your recruitment professionals will help you to hire the kind of professionals who can perform well in a range of work environments, which is the first step to ensuring continued engagement. Contact Rebus Recruitment today to find out how we can help get you back on track. You can reach us through email or on 01282 930 930 



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