6 Sure-Fire Ways to Identify The Right Accountancy Firm to Join This Year

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Finding the right accountancy firm to work with can feel like a daunting task.  

Usually, when you start looking for the right role, it’s easy to get caught up worrying about what your potential employer might think about you. However, while you must make the right impression, it’s also worth thinking about the company’s impression on you.  

With talent shortages on the rise, you’ll have plenty of workplaces to choose from. The demand for accounting professionals may even mean you have multiple employers prepared to make you a compelling offer. The question is, how do you choose the environment where you can thrive best? 

Here are some simple ideas to consider as YOU choose your accountancy employer of choice. 

1. Evaluate Their Company Culture 



Strong company culture leads to 72% higher employee engagement. If you feel comfortable, supported, and empowered in your accountancy role, you’re more likely to achieve your professional goals.  

With this in mind, look for signs that the culture in the business you want to work for suits your working style. Look at the kind of values the company mentions on all of its social platforms. 

Consider whether the company is forward-thinking and innovative, one that invests in the latest accountancy tools, or whether it has a strong focus on employee wellbeing and work/life balance. It’s also worth looking at your chosen company’s ideas and implementation on diversity and inclusion and flexible working.  

2. Consider Your Must-Have Benefits 

As an accounting professional in a skills-short marketplace, you can often hold out for higher salaries and benefits from the employers you choose to work for. However, it’s important to know what really matters most to you before starting your search.  

For instance, are you comfortable accepting a slightly lower salary if it means you get to work from home at times or even follow a four-day workweek? Do you need more opportunities to adjust your work schedule around your personal life, or are you looking for more benefits in paid time off or development opportunities? 

Making your ‘want’ list of your preferred benefits from most to least important will help you narrow down your options when filtering through potential companies.  

3. Look at Their Leadership 



There are few things more important than a good boss when determining if you’ll achieve your career and life goals in your new accountancy role. According to research on Glassdoor, employees who have a high opinion of their senior leadership team generally say they’re more satisfied with their job.   

The accountancy recruiter you are working with wants to match you to the best company to develop your career. They will know more than anyone else about the leaders in the organisation. 

Learn as much as you can about the leaders in the company you’re considering working for on its website and social media channels. Of course, Google can reveal a lot about an organisation and its people.  

During the interview, consider asking questions about the manager’s leadership style to see if it works well with yours.  


4. Learn to Spot Red Flags 

When searching for the ideal next opportunity to develop your accountancy career, red flags aren’t always easy to detect. However, the more time you spend in the job market, the more you’ll be able to determine which signs point to potential problems in the future.  

Red flags can appear in multiple places during your job search. Look for things like: 

  • Poor communication: Is it difficult to follow up with the team and get information about the interview or answer any questions you might have? 
  • Bad interview strategies: Does the interview feel rushed or unprofessional? Are the questions asked inappropriate?  
  • Employee reviews: Check review sites like Glassdoor and determine whether the ratings left by other employees are overwhelmingly good or bad.  
  • Immediate job offers: Although your employer might be blown away by your CV, there’s a good chance they’ll need to meet you before making a job offer. Be wary of any hiring manager keen to employ anyone.  

5. Ask the Right Questions 



During the interview process for a potential accountancy job, there should be a moment where your hiring manager allows you to ask questions. This is your chance to dive in and research what you most need to know about the company.  

Ask about the opportunities you’ll have for development and growth in the company and whether there’s any potential for internal promotion in the long term. Find out how your work will be evaluated and how the company handles recognition and rewards.  

You can even ask the hiring manager or other people you interact with within the interview what their experience working with the business has been like. 

6. Work with a Specialist Recruiter 

Finally, the easiest way to get the right accountancy job in today’s complex hiring environment is to get the right assistance. A specialist recruiter can evaluate your specific skill set and characteristics and determine what roles is the next best step for you.  

With an expert accountancy recruiting team, you’ll have extra help filtering through the potential opportunities available. 

A recruitment team will give you the edge you need to ensure you’re making the right choices as you plan your accountancy career.  

What’s Next? 

Rebus has years of experience helping accountancy candidates like you find the ideal roles in the industry. We’ve worked with financial companies throughout the north of England and know how to match the top talent with the most appealing job opportunities.  

Reach out to us today to begin your search via email or on 01282 930 930. 



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