Critical Questions Candidates Should Ask Their Finance Recruiter

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Whether you’re re-establishing your financial career after a break, entering the industry for the first time, or looking for a great new position, it pays to have the right support from a finance recruiter. 

Even in an industry where the number of vacancies for financial professionals is higher than ever, searching for the ideal role can be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why so many professionals turn to specialist financial recruiters to help them find their next best position. 

A recruitment agency or recruiting professional acts as the ultimate partner for financial candidates, streamlining their search and preparing them for success.  

However, to leverage the unique benefits one of these specialists can offer, professionals need to ensure they’re working with the right recruiter.   

Asking the correct questions before your relationship begins will help you identify which agency can have the biggest impact on your career plan.  

Here are some of the top questions worth asking your finance recruiter.  

1. How Much Experience Do You Have in the industry? 

The financial sector is a unique space with specific nuances, challenges, and opportunities to consider. The best financial recruitment teams will have years of experience working with candidates like you and leading financial companies.  

The right background can deliver several benefits to candidates. First, if your recruiter has plenty of experience in the industry, they’ll have existing relationships with leading companies they can leverage to find you the ideal role. Secondly, an experienced financial recruiter will be able to examine your CV and identify the gaps you need to fill before applying for any position.  

With years of experience in the finance sector, your recruitment agency will be able to assist you with everything from making your application stand out to determining which roles and career paths make the most sense for you.  

2. How Can You Make my Job Search Easier? 

According to one report, it can take up to 5 months for a candidate to find the ideal role when searching for opportunities on their own. The job of a finance recruiter is to help streamline and accelerate this process by giving you access to as many opportunities as possible.  

A great financial recruiter should be able to provide you with insights into how they’re going to simplify your job search and empower you to access the right roles. For instance, they might: 

  • Share relevant job postings: Rather than leaving you to sort through job descriptions on multiple sites alone, a recruiter can draw your attention to the opportunities most relevant to your skills and requirements.  
  • Help you join talent pipelines: A recruitment agency can share your details with firms that aren’t currently hiring, so they can reach out to you as soon as a role becomes available. 
  • Provide useful insights: Your finance recruiter can help you determine what financial roles might best suit your skills and job requirements. For instance, they could help you to decide between industry or practice accounting 

3. How Can I Choose the Best Company Culture? 

Amazing finance recruitment teams don’t just find the best fit for candidates by looking for matches between CVs and job descriptions. They also consider which company cultures you’re likely to thrive in based on your working style, ethics, and priorities.  

Your recruitment agency can help you identify what key values you want to look for when searching for the ideal role. They can talk to you about your diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements and discuss your interest in hybrid and remote working strategies.  

Thanks to their extensive background in the industry, a finance recruiter will also be able to share insights on what kinds of experiences you can expect from different job landscapes. This can help you refine your job search and invest in your job satisfaction.  

4. Where Should I Invest in Training and Reskilling? 

Currently, 61% of employees are concerned they don’t have the skills required to thrive in their chosen roles for the next five years. As the financial landscape continues to evolve and digitise, you may need to enhance your CV with new skills and capabilities.  

Using their behind-the-scenes knowledge of the financial industry, a recruitment team can give you insights into what skills your desired employers are prioritising. They can draw attention to the gaps in your CV and highlight areas where you may need to boost your education.  

A professional recruiter can advise where to seek learning and training opportunities relevant to your desired role. They’ll ensure you have everything you need to make your CV and applications as compelling as possible.  

5. How Can I Improve My Personal Brand? 

Increasingly, business leaders and employers are beginning to research the candidates they consider bringing into their team before they even reach out with an interview. Around 91% of all employers now use social media channels to screen applicants. With this in mind, it’s worth thinking about how to make your personal “professional” brand stand out.  

A good finance recruiter can give you insights into where you can enhance your image for recruitment purposes. They might provide tips on improving your social media channels or guide you on strengthening the appeal of your CV and cover letter.  

A recruiter can offer honest feedback on the messages you’re sending to potential employers, so you can ensure you have a lasting impact on the right people.  

6. How do I Prepare for a Financial Interview? 

Aside from helping you to appeal to potential employers with an excellent personal brand, application, and CV, a finance recruiter can also help you prepare for the next stage.  

They’ll be able to give you insights into the kind of interview strategies you need to prepare for, such as competency-based interviews. They can even provide tips on formulating the right answers to crucial interview questions.  

A finance recruiter can give you all the insights you need to prepare for your upcoming interview, with advice on presenting yourself and making your unique strengths and values shine. Their background in the finance industry means they know exactly which strategies will work. 




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